You should be reading @tng_s8, by the way.

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If you haven’t already run across this, you have absolutely got to take some time to read through one of my favorite jokey twitter accounts of all time, @tng_s8.

It’s a running collection of straight-faced synopses of fake Next Gen episodes (hence the name: TNG, Season 8). Some random examples:

Wes gets trapped in a bunker with an obnoxious child king. Riker wakes up on Risa with a lower back tattoo and no memory of his last 3 days.

Troi’s new alien jewelry rewrites her DNA, altering her features and personality. Geordi & Data’s staring contest is declared a stalemate.

Picard must devise a plan to free the Enterprise from a gravitational “pitcher plant” nebula. Beverly’s harmonica performance is torturous.

Just about killed me the first time I started reading it. Go give it a look and a follow.