Chatter: Who from Next Generation plays who from Deep Space Nine?

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As of strip number 11, I’ve started revealing character choices on the part of the crew of the Enterprise D, and so folks are talking about who should be who — this came up in particular in the comments from yesterday’s strip — so I figure let’s give it a proper post of its own:

Who from The Next Generation do you think ends up playing who from Deep Space Nine?

And, arguably more importantly, why? This is all about rationale. Paint a picture, make an argument, justify an unlikely juxtaposition of character types to the limit, etc.

It’s a contest where the prize is having made an awesome argument. So, incentive.

As of this writing I’ve already established that I’ve got Picard playing Sisko and Bev Crusher playing Dax, but if you’ve got an alternative universe scheme where I’m wrong about that, don’t let my obvious correctness stop you from presenting a compelling thesis along those lines. You will not be out of the running for being an awesome person, I promise. Later arrivals will have even more well-established facts to contradict, since I’m just gonna keep rolling out character reveals in any case.

So have at it, Internet. The fun of matching up TNG and DS9 people is what got this whole thing started in my brain in the first place, so as fun ways to kill time go I figure you shouldn’t miss out.