Flattered AND insulted! Flatsulted.

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Just turned this up on the web while skulking around a bit, and it’s just the weirdest goddam thing: someone apparently liked Larp Trek #1 enough to want to share it on the internet, but not enough to do so without taking an image editor to it to geeeeeently nudge it a little bit closer to perfection. Observe!

#1 Bizarro fan edit found in the wild

So: they changed the punchline (using the wrong font), very slightly nudged the alignment of the panels, and rather poorly cropped the http://usereccentric.com/viagra-sale bounding whitespace. But they left the attribution in the title panel; whether out of http://banter-latte.annotations.com/viagra-women a sense of obligation or just as an oversight I will likely never know. I can’t even find where this was originally posted; the guy who shared it on G+ a few weeks ago doesn’t remember where he found it.

Here’s the original strip, for comparison. Again, it’s all about that last panel.

I am super curious about the mindset that leads to this. I rewrite other people’s punchlines now and we choice levitra for sale then, I’m sure everybody who likes comedy in an active crafty sort of way does, but I can’t think of a time that I actually sat down and booted up an editor and rewrote one. Probably a mystery for the ages, but wow, so odd.

I’m going to http://invasoresespaciales.com/best-price-for-viagra assume it was an enthusiastic 12-year-old with MS Paint, thinking “yeah, it’s a good comic, but it needs more cusses”.