Geordi the Explordi

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A fever dream tweet from Greg Erskine (who more or less specializes in fever dream tweets, and you would be crazy not to follow him on twitter or, if possible, down the street) led to real viagra without prescription'>real viagra without prescription this questionable artistic effort by yours truly:

Geordi the Explordi.

Presumably he translates between layman and technobabble.

Presumably he translates between layman and technobabble.

I probably should have drawn a little Wes or Data the Boots-the-monkey analogue but this was already pushing it for me so I quit while I was ahead. But seriously, I would watch this show with my kids if I had kids. I would maybe steal kids and pretend they were my kids and make them watch this show.

And I mean, we already know the TNG cast is more than capable of doing quality voiceover work. So that’s sorted. Someone make this show. LeVar. Find the time. Please.