Wil Wheaton on being a kid on Star Trek

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There’s a nice short little reflection that Wil just posted on his blog, about looking back at TNG as an adult who remembers being a kid out of his depth at the time. You should go read it, it won’t take long.

But there’s a key bit in particular that resonates with me, both as someone writing his own take on Wesley Crusher in this odd comic and as just a thirty-something dude who spends some time looking back with complicated feelings about being a sometimes scared and arrogant and full-of-shit kid trying to figure out adult life:

I wish I could go back in time and tell that kid to relax and enjoy what was a pretty awesome job, but I know that he wouldn’t listen to me any more than he’d have listened to anyone else. He was a confused, weird, awkward nerd trying so hard to be an adult, and failing spectacularly.

Maybe it’s odd but I’m kind of enjoying giving Wes a little bit more of a chance to be a dumb joyful kid and just goof off, even if only while the holodeck’s busted.