I love search engine referrer strings.

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A thing that some folks know but not everyone does: generally speaking, when you go to a search engine, type something in, get some results, and click on one of those results, whoever runs that website can parse their web server logs to see what you were searching for that led you there. This is handy if you are a like search-engine-optimizing duder, or if you are like me and just easily entertained.

So, for example, someone just got here by searching for the phrase “how many riker centric episodes are there?”

Larp Trek is now apparently the top hit for that phrase (or rather that unquoted string of words). I find that quietly delightful. Though to be fair, I find a lot of things quietly delightful.

The answer, of course, is “not enough”, and in the future maybe such queries will land on this post rather than just the (auto-generated by WordPress) Riker character page and so helpfully provide actual content to the wayward searcher.

Other things people have gotten here by searching for include, for just a sampler:

– larp trek (well done!)
– larptrek (also jolly good!)
– larping (I apologize for almost certainly letting you down!)
– star trek webcomic larp (good enough!)
– larp treck (ahem!)
– geordiriker (slash fic?)
– how to stop hitting yourself (this just got a bit dark)
– 17 idiomatic expressions (this just got a little Buzzfeed)
– big book anal (this just got a lot Riker)
– counselor troi in her underwear (oh come on)
– dog fugue womens (I don’t even)
– i love brent spiners nose (don’t we all)
– is picard the superego (subject of future newspost)
– picard zip your bag (uh)
– riker erotica (but you repeat yourself)

And so on. Every day is an adventure.