#89 – Purple Monkey Dishwasher

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Oh my god, I think they’re actually role-playing again.

We’re gonna pay a quick visit to Babel, because I can’t really pass on the chance to make characters talk funny.

And I get the feeling the DS9 writers couldn’t either, is how this happened. But it ends up being an episode with like two minutes of funny dialogue peppered through a mostly sort of tedious mystery that doesn’t really do anything great with the “language virus” idea it introduces; we get mild character notes (O’Brien works harder than is good for him, Kira’s willing to be a bit ruthless to convince someone, the legacy of Bajoran resistance is complex, Bashir’s a smart doctor guy) and sort of plodding story with a rushed ending and no really surprising, tense problems brought on by the aphasia problem on the ship. (What if Bashir had been in mid-surgery when he’d gotten nonsensical? Etc.)

And one of my complaints there is that we don’t get to see any characters coping in an active, engaging way with their loss of verbal communication; when a character gets all babbly, they’re just done. Or at least the episode is done with them. There’s a weird failure of imagination there; Star Trek’s exactly the sort of show that loves to tackle things like how unjustified it is to lapse into casual ableism instead of crediting people for their resilience and adaptability, but we get basically none of that here.

Still, flame the dark true salt, so.

#88 – Kindergarten Chief

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This really does seem like it could be a problem for Miles. Keiko’s job on the show was mostly to be sort of unhappy on the station when she wasn’t off on a botany expedition or being sent away by Miles because everything was dangerous.

I was happy with my Nog joke but then I panicked and got worried that I’d actually tossed his name out fifty eight strips ago and pre-ruined my own joke. Thankfully, no! “I should not say his name now so I can make a joke about it later”, I am willing to believe I said to myself at the time for specifically this reason.

Planning ahead by like four months for a single throwaway joke: totally a worthwhile use of energy.

#87 – Take These Broken Nacelles and Learn to Warp Again

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I am going to admit that it’s more logistical difficulty than actual disinterest that prevents me from putting everyone in character-appropriate costume. I just don’t have the patience to photoshop that many heads onto that many uniforms at this point, it’s enough work to just mask the actual screenshots.

I like to think that Picard’s sort of a conflicted mess about actual uniform changes; on the one hand I think he enjoys embracing the pomp of military dress and living military history and so is excited when new uniform issues or dress uniform events roll around, but at the same time he has a fundamental conservatism and desire for personal autonomy that makes change of any kind an anxiety-inducing imposition. But I’m one of those people who doesn’t like getting new clothes until I actually start wearing e.g. that new shirt and then I end up never wanting to take it off, so I might be projecting some personal issues here.

#86 – You Spin My Right Round Miles Right Round Like An Engineer

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This was an easy strip to write (it’s been half-written in my head since they first stormed out, really), but boy are these a lot of new screenshots! The trickiest part was actually figuring out which episodes to grab them from; Keiko here’s from the DS9 first season finale, and Miles is from the DS9 season four episode where he finds out, SURPRISE, that Keiko’s pregnant with kid number two. (Hope there’s room for two more indeeeeed, lady.)

And then the cropping and masking and oh, what a world. But I’ve got a lot more to work with for these two now, so yay. Onward!