#123 – teenage boy “shifts it” too much, film at eleven

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Really role-played yourself into a corner there, Deanna.

I feel like if I tried to have the crew really think through the apparent problems associated with Odo’s shapeshifter nature it’d go on for like ten strips in a row and after that Wes would be convinced that he had to roll a different character instead. Can’t have that, so, let’s let ’em just roll with it for now, I figure.

Also, a couple new shots in here; that first Riker (though it’s a little fuzzier than I prefer, sometimes the focus in TNG is surprisingly squishy when you look at stills) is a nice halfway-to-an-eyeroll look that I felt like he could use, and the second Wes cap is what I’m thinking of as Stoic Wes; the line as written originally had an exclamation point at the end, but then I saw that expression, like Wes was taking the weight of the world by proxy on Odo’s shoulders, and was like, yeah, that is a teenager processing some shit with quiet drama. That is what that is.

In random delightful Trek-related news, you may or may not have seen footage of a probably-three-synthehols-in Patrick Stewart giving his jazz-singer betrothed, Sunny Ozell, a primer on the art of the quadruple take, so just to be sure, here it is:

(And of course there was a Metafilter thread about the video, and it is full of one-liners that made me laugh but I particularly liked uncleozzy’s “Evidently the replicator understood the air quotes around ‘tea.'”)

#122 – Not to be confused with Michael Dorn

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Posting this disturbingly early! I’ve been happy to be pretty solid with the M-W-F schedule (which I should probably put up somewhere in the header, I suppose!), but for the last several months at least these have mostly been going up in my late morning, on one side or the other of the ten o’clock hour. But then I’m on the US west coast so that means early afternoon for a lot of folks.

So, yes! I’m trying to get a little ahead of the game again — strip was actually basically done and pasted up last night instead of me starting from scratch in the morning as I so often do — so, maybe this whole “it’s still morning for everyone” thing will take? We’ll see! Bet no money on it! But I’m gonna make the effort at least.

Anyway, today a little bit of Vortex, because I sat and rewatched it with the wife the other night and we had a couple ideas. Probably a couple more strips in this one at least, though maybe not much more than that either because all in all it’s a little bit of a stinker of an actual story and as Odo’s Origins go there’s better stuff later in the series.

But at least Wes (I swear to god I typed his name as “Jake” at first) is catching on to the obvious problematic overpowered nature of his character. We’ll see how that goes on Friday; you’d think Geordi’d need to do a little damage control to not make every single scene Odo is in involve Odo turning into something. For the show, that’d be a lot of CGI; for the game, that’s just a lot of one-note gameplay. Problematic in either context.

Also there are few things I enjoy more than writing a convoluted, half-baked insult for Wesley Crusher to shout at a crew member. One of these days I’d love to hear Wil do line readings on some of this nonsense.

#121 – Once and Future Nagus

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Let’s all wave at The Nagus as it flies by, Wes running after it and shouting plot twists excitedly.

Sort of a shame because it’d be fun to dig into more Ferengi stuff, let Troi and Geordi do a little world-building on that front (as of mid-season 3 of TNG the Ferengi practically don’t exist as a culture, after all, as far as the viewer has seen), but another Quark-centric story right now does feel like a bit much and I didn’t have any big ideas for this episode regardless. Onward with DS9’s first season, then.

Random delightful Trek-related thing of the day: back in June, Larp Trek reader Paul Starr wrote a wonderful collection of double-dactyl Trek poems, e.g.

Crazy-eye, crazy-eye
Leonard Horatio
Medical chief on the
Enterprise, thanks,

days notwithstanding, he
trained as a Doctor, man,
not as a [blank]!

There’s another half-dozen, and they’re all great.

Here’s a bit more on double dactyls, fwiw, if you’re not familiar with the form.

#120 – put away childish things

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So that’s that for Chula! Move along home, Move Along Home!

I think we all learned something valuable about metanarrative and the boundaries between diegesis and exegesis in the context of multiplexed fictive substrates as it pertains to e.g. milking a pretty bad episode of TV for a month and a half worth of comic strips.

My biggest regret is not having anyone, at any time, snap out a Z figure in the air and say “Oh shap!”

Next week I guess we’ll be digging back into the rest of season one. There were other episodes of this show, right? I feel like I remember there being more than one episode.

#119 – being really cool

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The way I see it, Geordi is one of the people on Star Trek who would watch Star Trek. He’d be super into it. He’s the kid who wanted to grow up to be an astronaut and never got jaded by the whole thing, never stopped loving that he was on a goddam spaceship.

He probably took the Kobayashi Maru test like seventeen times, not for credit but just because he thought the simulator was awesome and he wanted to see what else it could do. Just sneaking in during off hours with some friends to run it again and again.

Would Picard watch Star Trek? I don’t really think so. Riker’d watch a couple episodes that he heard had some hot chicks in ’em, but that’s it. Wes would be all over it, though; Deanna would watch it with friends as a get-together thing; Worf would secretly watch it but not admit it.

And we’ve established that Miles and Keiko would cosplay it, so.

But also, yes, Chula! What the hell is with that game? It’s convenient to be able to blame all this nonsense on Geordi, but in the actual show it was totally unclear what the relationship between the determined outcomes of the dice rolls and the direct actions/reactions/choices of the players in the scenarios were. Would it have been possible to save Dax if Sisko and Kira had gotten luckier? Could they have just trivially said “well, she’s doomed, let’s hop this gap and win the game”? If that latter is the case, how weird must it be to be savvy players of the game, all drama-free and being like “whoops, Ted, looks like Alice rolled a kill-one-player, see you in a few minutes, try not to writhe in too much pain there good buddy?” and just taking right off? Sucks to be Ted, too.

Trek in the Park!

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This is a crazy wonderful thing that a theater group in Portland called Atomic Arts has been putting on for five years running; it went from tiny in the first year to just huuuuuuuge these days, with probably a couple thousand people showing up yesterday at Cathedral Park for one of the final performances.

I went with my wife and staked out some decent watching space early in the day so we could see it with a bunch of Metafilter friends, and it was a lovely time. I took a bunch of photos of the performance and the crowd; here’s a few below, but you can check out all of the Trek in the Park photos on my flickr account.



Call the Enterprise a garbage scow, will ye.

Call the Enterprise a garbage scow, will ye.

Kirk gets fuzzy.

Kirk gets fuzzy.

Also, Garrett “Ensign Kim from Voyager” Wang flew in from DragonCon for a one-line cameo.

Garrett Wang, everybody.

Garrett Wang, everybody.

#118 – Into each pit some officers must fall

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I feel like Data doesn’t appreciate the gravitas of the situation.

(Ha, “gravitas”!)

Looks like we’re about to wrap up Move Along Home here, then. It’ll be weird having to start thinking about what to do with episodes again; I’ve been in the same sort of groove with this one as I was with the pilot, even if I managed to keep it to less than forty strips, and now I’ll have to get back to thinking about quick takes on less mechanically relevant plots. But maybe any of the other characters will get to do anything again! That’ll be nice. They’re probably kind of bored at this point.

In unrelated Star Trek news, I went to see Trek in the Park yesterday, for one of their last shows ever (they’ve got two more next weekend, and then that’s it for their five-year mission), and it was wonderful as usual. This year they’ve been staging The Trouble with Tribbles, an episode obviously near to my heart, and it was a whole lot of fun despite the miserable baking hot summer sun we had to camp out in ahead of time to be within earshot of the stage.

I took a bunch of photos, if you want to see what a couple thousand people in a park watching people do a theatrical LARP of Trek looks like. Check ’em out!

#117 – We are Bever ever ever ever getting ly together

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That’s your one brief moment of awkward shipping for the quarter. Savor it.

In only deeply tangentially related news, I made a weird Mary Worth meets Allen Ginsberg thing last night because that’s the sort of thing I do. It’s just seven photoshopped Mary Worth strips, you can read the whole thing over on joshmillard.com but here’s the first panel just to give you a taste and/or warn you off:

It's hip to be Mar'.

Whole Lotta Fakin’ Goin’ On

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I also considered “Frakes, view Frakes, troche Frakes Senora, Frakes it all the time” but that seemed like a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, some clever internet person a while back took the time to de-shake a few seconds of the Enterprise-D under attack, and the result is simultaneously predictable and delightful: