Er, yes comic Saturday Sept. 7th because of why not

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Updated: instead of there being no comic yesterday, there is silly sketch of this script comic today. Huzzah!

I am at the actual beach this morning! Not an imaginary beach, no dead Jennifer Siskos around, just a plain normal Pacific Northwest beach with overcast skies and rain and saltwater and seafood and so on.

And because I’m at the beach, I do not have photoshop or my headshot collection with me, so it’s just literally impossible for a comic strip to happen.

GEORDI: Unless…

GEORDI: Captain, what if we invert the temporal coil shielding? We could divert the tachyon flow back into the beachometer–

DATA: Thus creating a chronometric “echo” of a future comic strip. There is a theoretical basis for this idea, sir.

PICARD: Picard to writers, you’re needed on the bridge.


PICARD: Writers. Script doctors. Line editors. This is no milk run you’re suggesting; who knows what we’ll encounter on the tachyonarrative threshold? We’ll need a team ready to contain and repair any critical plotholes.

GEORDI: Uh, well, sir, there’s–

RIKER: Sir, there are no writers.

PICARD: Well, call them in, I don’t care if they’re on shore leave, this is an emerg–

RIKER: No, sir, I mean there are no writers. There never have been. We’re in a fan-written webcomic, sir. It’s one guy. And he’s at the beach.



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