#126 – I’m at the beach

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Wrote the script for this as a joke yesterday morning to apologize for no actual comic, thought to myself this afternoon that’d be funny to knock out a real quick hand-drawn version of an actual strip based on it, and a really cramped hand and like an hour and a half later here it is, so, okay.

Turns out doing a silly quick sketch isn’t actually any less work than just pasting up a proper comic. And everybody’s eyes are all weird; it’s like reading Mary Worth.

Anyway, safe to say this one isn’t whatever passes for Larp Trek canon. Back to business on Monday.

Er, yes comic Saturday Sept. 7th because of why not

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Updated: instead of there being no comic yesterday, there is silly sketch of this script comic today. Huzzah!

I am at the actual beach this morning! Not an imaginary beach, no dead Jennifer Siskos around, just a plain normal Pacific Northwest beach with overcast skies and rain and saltwater and seafood and so on.

And because I’m at the beach, I do not have photoshop or my headshot collection with me, so it’s just literally impossible for a comic strip to happen.

GEORDI: Unless…

GEORDI: Captain, what if we invert the temporal coil shielding? We could divert the tachyon flow back into the beachometer–

DATA: Thus creating a chronometric “echo” of a future comic strip. There is a theoretical basis for this idea, sir.

PICARD: Picard to writers, you’re needed on the bridge.


PICARD: Writers. Script doctors. Line editors. This is no milk run you’re suggesting; who knows what we’ll encounter on the tachyonarrative threshold? We’ll need a team ready to contain and repair any critical plotholes.

GEORDI: Uh, well, sir, there’s–

RIKER: Sir, there are no writers.

PICARD: Well, call them in, I don’t care if they’re on shore leave, this is an emerg–

RIKER: No, sir, I mean there are no writers. There never have been. We’re in a fan-written webcomic, sir. It’s one guy. And he’s at the beach.



#125 – Labor Day hangover

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This would have been much cleverer timing on Monday, but on Monday I had no idea Miles was going to try and go on strike and so, hey, what do you do.

Nominally we’re sticking our toes into the slightly ploteriffic waters of Battle Lines (and every time I see that title I get Battle Scars stuck in my head, welcome to the club!) but I guess we might need to let some players air some grievances first.

Which, it’s a problem, right? If I run with what happens on DS9, there’s this natural tendency to disproportionately feature the core cast, and trying to take glancing “let’s just address the biggest plot/character bits” approaches to a lot of these episodes only exacerbates that.

Basically the writers of DS9 owe me an apology for not making the equal distribution of character episodes and events their number one priority for the sake of my future parodic comic work. Jerks.

#124 – getting all French Revolution up in here

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A little too much player initiative and a couple of critical misses and you can really derail an adventure’s plot. I bet Odo would have gone on a whole adventure with that mysterious stranger and ended up learning a whole bunch of basically nothing about where he was from anyway!

Happy Labor Day, everybody who celebrates Labor Day. Happy “everybody is getting drunk for some reason, there’s a lot of barbecuing involved, what’s going on?” day to everybody who doesn’t! Happy crushing death of summer vacation, kids!