#137 – The proof is in the putting of bullets into people

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Leave it to Data to look past the player drama to find the through-line of an adventure’s premise.

He and Geordi really are a platonic One True Pairing, as far as I’m concerned. A One True Bro-ing? I dunno, I’m sure there’s ten kinds of fanfic vocab for this that I’ve never heard of. One of these days I should sit down and see if it would be worth distilling every non-technobabble-plot-device-bullshit Data/Geordi conversation on the show down to some kind of supercut about awkward dudes hanging out and just being okay with each other’s weirdness. Throw in some laughtrack and a mid-tempo electric piano theme song and it’d be an 80s sitcom.

Publishing this unusually early this morning because of random logistical reasons. Don’t go getting any ideas.

#136 You can’t fire (at) me, I quit

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I feel like “you can’t talk your way out of this one” must lead, at least like 60% of the time in film and TV, to someone talking their way out of something. You’d figure Riker would know this as well, but maybe the Federation banned TV Tropes as a foundational tenet of their intragalactic charter. Too many lives lost in that particular informational vortex; even in the post-scarcity utopia of the future it’s a dangerous timesink.

I’m enjoying this wild diversion from the actual tone of the episode. More Friday.

Also, Michael Dorn was on 31 episodes of CHiPs? What? This is profoundly underdocumented on youtube.