#155 – There will be a quiz

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I suppose Barclay represents the new reader in spirit.

I have to sort of wonder how confounding it would be to try picking up Larp Trek in the middle like this. It’s not really a headspace I can afford to worry about, because there’s no way to make the strip immediately accessibly on a strip-by-strip basis without loading in so damn much Previously On baggage in the dialogue that half the strip would be a restatement of what had happened in the last week. This isn’t Mary Worth, I’m not going there. We got archives.

Still, it does remind me that I’ve been meaning since forever to do up an actual “who’s who” cast-and-characters page for a while. Until that gets done, I suppose this could work as a half-serious cribsheet.

#154 – A lot of people owe Geordi one.

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It’s just in Geordi’s nature to fix things, I guess? And/or he’s sort of a softy, to take heat from Picard just to cover for a weirdo sorta-buddy like that. And maybe the holofixation thing struck a nerve — remembering his recent dalliance with Fake Leah Brahms; identifying on some basic empathetic level, as a dude who has trouble dating, with Reg’s apparent social isolation — and that made something click for him, even if he’s not sure he won’t regret it somehow?

Or maybe Geordi just likes accruing debts and the side of him we never see is the cold, calculating merchant of favors and boons and blood-oaths who is leveraging his many puppet-strings to run the biggest black market Space Pog ring in the Alpha Quadrant. He covered for you when no one else would, now you will acquire that rare 22nd century ALF holocomedy reboot commemorative Slammer or you might find your duty station panel exploding in your face the next time the Enterprise gets shot at or bumps into a micro-asteroid.

Probably he’s just a nice dude, though.

#153 – Barc’ham Horror

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Guys, seriously, I have such a tremendous sense of sympathetic pathos for poor socially malfunctioning Barclay here that I don’t even know what to say. I mean, the guy’s a trainwreck, and all I can really think is, yeah, that’s kind of how life is for the non-Picards. There’s some sort of essay in the aesthetic and narrative conflicts between e.g. Star Trek and Woody Allen that I can’t quite dig into here right now, but, yes. Barclay. Barclay, Barclay, Barclay.

#151 – “sort of” invited

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I decided that there’s no real reason to assume Transporter Technician Hubbell isn’t already serving on Enterprise at this point, even if she didn’t show up on the show until season four, and I had sort of a hard time coming up with a non-core cast member who was a recognizable recurring Engineering character who also wasn’t Reg, and, so, yes, there’s your bit of needless trivia for the day: Maggie Hubbell is a crewmember who exists.

#150 – Strip One-Fifty, Restate My Assumptions

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Larp Trek is sort of hard to explain to people who aren’t already basically the target demographic. And the thing is, I wasn’t actually specifically thinking of that as I wrote this strip up this morning, or of Geordi here as a stand-in for my own weird relationship with this project — mostly I was just connecting the dots on the vague “have Geordi accidentally disclose existence of game to Reg, have Reg invite himself to play” structure that I’d already planned in my head for this week — but boy, there it is, isn’t it.

I talk a little bit on the latest episode of The Crapshoot about how I try to manage my expectations for the reception of my creative projects mostly by keeping them low going in, and in passing how e.g. when I started Larp Trek I didn’t really expect it to have a following or to pull in a dozen or two comments on most strips and how that’s basically been a delightful surprise on top of me just exorcising this weird comedy premise for my own sake. (Plus I talk a bunch more about the creative process in general and creative anxiety and so on and so forth, if you find it interesting when I natter on here for a paragraph at a time about my artistic neuroses, it may be a good episode to give a listen.)

So, yes, anyway, this is to say that I sure do appreciate that y’all appreciate this thing. I don’t actually mind trying to explain it now and then to those who don’t so much get it, but it’s pretty neat and gratifying that there are folks who already do, and keep coming around for more.

#149 – also we could try teching the tech

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I could seriously just write fake technobabble all day. It’s very freeing, like jazz scat improvisation or a geeky, secular version of glossolalia. Skediddly doo warp tube, dee dip dop biddle deflector baskwee dang, praise Jesus.

But, yes, this is an important thing to keep in mind: even in the 24th century, you gotta be careful about screwing around with personal projects at work.

I’d blame Reg for being a little bit of a creeper with the eavesdropping, here, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that as long as the Universal Translator is constantly magically facilitating clear communication between arbitrary pairs of interlocutors, it’s probably also throwing in a little bit of volume gain to make sure people can hear each other clearly unless specifically instructed to do otherwise in any given situation.

Downside: gross privacy breaches, constant assumption of living in what is essentially a surveillance state. Upside: no body has to say “I’m sorry, could you repeat that” anymore. Starfleet ran the numbers and that saves like five million man-hours every year, which is an important cost savings in a post-scarcity OH GOD WHO EVEN KNOWS WHY ANYTHING ON THESE SHOWS HAPPENS