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Reg! Reginald Barclay! One of the greatest recurring bit characters on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and one of the worst on Star Trek: Voyager. He’s been lurking on the periphery of this project since it started, but it’s taken me almost a year (it’s been almost a year?!) to find the spot where it felt like he should show up.

And here we are! Good ol’ Reg. I’m still picking through a couple of different ideas about how this will play out on the immediate side, but I think he’ll be a fun extra voice to have around one way or the other.

And it’s time to talk about the Golden Rule of Larp Trek Canon again: Barclay’s formally introduced to TNG viewers in an episode called Hollow Pursuits, which takes place…late in season three. Or, in other words, after Larp Trek. So if it happens at all, it hasn’t happened yet, which means Geordi’s still definitely the biggest attested holodeck weirdo what with that whole Leah Brahms thing.

Reg is just some guy. As far as anybody knows.

In other random me stuff, I’m gonna mention my new podcast again, because I’m continuing to enjoy the hell out of it and you might too: The Crapshoot, a weekly hour-or-so-long stretch of jovial bullshitting with my cohost Jesse Holden and sometimes guests as well. Plus! A short, mostly-improvised fake-podcast comedy bit up front on each one, including hastily recorded fake theme songs I’ve written for each fake podcast. Because that’s how I roll. Check it out next time you need something to jam in your ears.

#147 – and all my dice will warmer, sweeter be

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Careful, Miles. Picard sees you on duty in that off-brand uniform and he’ll have Geordi replicate an old-fashioned toilet just so he can put you on toilet cleanup duty for a month.

This is basically what I am like when I am bored and alone, and you’d better believe I sang this to myself about ten times while I was pasting up the strip. For the chance reader not familiar with deeply culturally pervasive Irish tunes, it’s a riff off a bit of Danny Boy.