#182 – Out of the frying pan…

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It took like six weeks for me to get around to having Lwaxana show up, but here we go. We’ll get into it properly next week. Fun fact: Majel Roddenberry is actually naked in that screenshot (I’ve got to put some actual time into getting decent Lwaxana screenshots this weekend), though I’m pretty sure Lwaxana’s […]

#183 – Un, deux, Trois

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One of the tricky things about adding Lwaxana to the strip is that I don’t necessarily want to make her actually move the conversation forward productively, game-wise, because it’s kind of fun to have her just be her nosy, brash, flirty busy-body self. I could probably just write her playfully bickering with the crew for […]

#184 – Please allow me to introduce myself

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Really, having a telepath around in mixed company seems like a really bad idea for everyone except the telepath. Think how frustrating it must be to play Pictionary against her. Think how annoying it would be for the DM to want to fudge a roll for the sake of the story. In wholly unrelated news: […]

#186 – Sacred Chalice of Rixx Astley

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Riker could be on an away mission and come across the charred bones of a thousand murdered colonists and still stand a like 15% chance of getting distracted by dirty thoughts about the word “bone”. The fact that Lwaxana once tried to surprise-marry him while experiencing Betazoid Pon Farr is enough for approximately five seconds […]

#187 – Just a buttload of empathy up in this mess

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GUYS I SERIOUSLY DIDN’T THINK THEY’D STILL BE BICKERING, I THOUGHT THEY’D GET BACK TO THE GAME, WHY WON’T THE GET BACK TO THE GAME WHAT IS HAPPEN Also, it’s been making the rounds: The Worf of Starfleet. For me, not having seen the original Wolf of Wall Street trailer, it’s just funny editing in […]



Didn’t really plan on taking a couple weeks off, but I guess maybe I needed it? I don’t know, but here we are! Okay! Missed you guys! Hi! Writing’s a funny thing; this is in its general shape what I’d been planning all along but getting a brain outline to gel into dialogue and jokes […]

#189 – Bev knows where the laser scalpels are kept

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GOD, MOM, WE’RE CRIMEFIGHTING, JEEZ Actually, the real question here is: is Lwaxana’s use of “if you know what I mean” just an idle callback to similar entendres from Riker in earlier strips? Or is it the tell that reveals the whole strip to be just another layer of narrative, being in fact orchestrated as […]

#192 – The Art Of Deduction

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Very spiritual people, the Dopterians. Anyway, it’s true, as far as we know: Reg hasn’t even shown up on TNG quite yet in Larp Trek time, and certainly hasn’t shared the screen with Lwaxana. I was actually more worried that I might have given him a throwaway line in the previous several strips and forgotten, […]