And you should see what they can do with those antennae.

#3 – First Officer’s log: I never thought it’d happen to me, but…


If you suggested that I’m really only doing this whole thing for the Riker sex jokes, I would have a hard time arguing. I’m maybe wasting material for a future comic in talking about this, but it’s not difficult to watch some Riker-centric scenes in TNG and come to the conclusion that his face is […]

"Not now honey, I've got to beam this luggage to that shuttle before the Captain finds out I'm drunk."

#19 – Miles and Keiko IN: A Double Date with Destiny!


I’ve been dancing around this, but let’s discuss timelines. NO DON’T GO I’LL BE GENTLE JUST– This strip, to the extent that one can or should take this idea seriously (one probably shouldn’t!), takes place during the series run of The Next Generation. Not after the last episode, not in some amorphous before-during-and-after miasma where […]

The worst part is that Riker is going to turn around and use these lines on women in Ten Forward.

#46 – Stop the kid before he says something about “watersports”


You can’t even explain to Wes why what he’s saying is problematic without things getting even more awkward. Off-screen: Bev’s head actually, literally exploding. But hey, so, you know what totally didn’t exist until Deep Space Nine? The noble runabout! It showed up in the pilot of DS9, obviously, and then a runabout did make […]