And you should see what they can do with those antennae.

#3 – First Officer’s log: I never thought it’d happen to me, but…

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If you suggested that I’m really only doing this whole thing for the Riker sex jokes, I would have a hard time arguing. I’m maybe wasting material for a future comic in talking about this, but it’s not difficult to watch some Riker-centric scenes in TNG and come to the conclusion that his face is follow link viagra soft tabs […]

Miles: "Keiko."  Michael Bluth: "Her?"

#18 – My girlfriend lives in the Canada sector…

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So here’s a thing: when I sat down to try and viagra by mail refresh my memory of the backstory of Miles and Keiko’s relationship, I figured I’d need to check out two or three episodes of natural cialis'>natural cialis Next Generation prior to viagra cialis levitra their wedding in the middle of season four (in Data’s Day). There aren’t any. I’d gotten so […]

"Not now honey, I've got to beam this luggage to that shuttle before the Captain finds out I'm drunk."

#19 – Miles and Keiko IN: A Double Date with Destiny!

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I’ve been dancing around this, but let’s discuss timelines. NO DON’T GO I’LL BE GENTLE JUST– This strip, to the extent that one can or should take this idea seriously (one probably shouldn’t!), takes place during the series run of The Next Generation. Not after the viagra discounts'>viagra discounts last episode, not in some amorphous before-during-and-after miasma where […]

"Bloody, handsome, charming Picard!  How I hate and desire and respect him!"

#24 – O’Brien vs. O’Brien, Picard vs. Picard

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As far as I can tell, letting your players improvise is simultaneously the best and worst thing you can possibly do best prices on brand cialis'>best prices on brand cialis in a role-playing game, a lesson I guess Geordi is going to learn the ancient-fashioned way. And I’m a little worried about the toll this whole thing might take on Keiko and Miles relationship. […]

"Miles, this is you, 'oh, i love you transporter, you're so haptic, let me kiss your interface, omnomalllarglleargle--'" "Keiko, what are-- Captain, I have *never* made sexual advances toward the transporter console--"

#39 – more like miles o’beamin

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Miles and Keiko! Where have you guys been? What jerk hasn’t been giving you any strip time? I really do like writing these two, honest, there’s just been so much pilot plot getting in the way. Blame Geordi! But so really my feeling about what is going on visit our site cialis uk here is that (a) everybody has a […]

Miles experimented with Andorian transporters one time in college but he didn't like how it made him feel.

#45 – Next, we shoot at the replicators until they can make rainbows.

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Seriously, this scene from the pilot. Miles just kicks the damn thing. That’s the actual thing that happens: the transporter is confusing, so he kicks it, and then it works. Which, look, I am willing to go out on a limb and support the idea that the station is in disarray and the equipment is […]

The worst part is that Riker is going to turn around and use these lines on women in Ten Forward.

#46 – Stop the kid before he says something about “watersports”

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You can’t even explain to Wes why what he’s saying is problematic without things getting even more awkward. Off-screen: Bev’s head actually, literally exploding. But hey, so, you know what totally didn’t exist until Deep Space Nine? The noble runabout! It showed up in the pilot of DS9, obviously, and then a runabout did make […]

Later, Bashir and Dax keep that dinner date but Bashir still isn't convinced she's not an orb hologram and the whole thing plays out like an episode of Seinfeld.

#51 – Nothing’s certain but death and Daxes.

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Bev might just be on to something with that character sketch, is what I’m thinking. And a quick hello to the pile of people from reddit who appear to have noticed or re-noticed Larp Trek this morning. You are here! No strip-specific thoughts at the moment, but I would like to female viagra say a little something […]

In the director's cut of this strip, there were thirty-seven additional panels in which Miles and Geordi argued at length about the impracticality of creating an intertial dampening bubble around the whole station but then started discussing the time they did something like that on an episode of Babylon 5 and then they just started quoting Monty Python at each other.

#53 – Joss Whedon no longer has monopoly on space westerns

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I feel like someone with time on their hands should do a couple things: 1. Systematically analyze episodes of Star Trek for brilliant, insightful solutions to crises and the best site levitra pill tech snafus and so on that never, ever get used again in other episodes for some reason. 2. Do a statistical analysis of the distribution of such […]

Wes: "I bet Thoron particles are named after the mythical figure Thor...because of how they really hammer your sensors!"

#56 – Bluffin’ with his muffin’

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I totally had a thought about this situation earlier this morning but I have no idea what it is now so I’ll veer wildly in another direction: Cheers, the sitcom, as The Big Lebowski, or vice versa. The Dude is Norm; Walter is Cliffy Claven; Donny is Woody. Walter’s rambling exegeses are Cliff’s trivia; Donny’s […]