WHO'S THE BLACK STATION HEAD WHO TAKES *ALL* THE DABO GIRLS TO BED? wockachickawickachucka BEN! (I can dig it)

#11 – Picard will spend a whole session at some point just making Sisko brush his hair ad nauseum


Character introductions! Now we get to see the rubber meet the road. Or the…nacelles hit the spacetime fabric? Do cars even have rubber wheels or drive on roads in the 24th century? I don’t know, future metaphors are a problem. In fact, I’m willing to argue that Darmok wasn’t actually an episode about communicating with […]

Wes doesn't have a lot of outlets on this ship.  And lately he can't even deck off.  It's trouble.

#12 – Oedipal underwear


I know there’s a lot of jokes and or uncomfortable straight-faced discussions to be had about (a) the dilemma of being an adolescent boy with essentially no peer group on a sterile, surveillance-state environment like a warp-powered submarine and (b) the dysfunctional dynamics of spending most your time around your hot mom and your adoptive-but-actually-pretty-seriously-not […]

A: "I love this coffee." B: "I loved that waiter..." A: "...who shouted at your son!" A + B: "Jean Luc!"

#15 – He assimilates entire background characters and I fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here!


Oh Six Hundred already I was just in the middle of a dream I was kissin’ Ashley Judd By a bloody red Cardassian stream JUST ANOTHER WESLEY WEDNESDAY It turns out that I can’t think of anything good to rhyme with Wednesday, at least not at seven in the morning, so let’s just put down […]

Next up in the continuing adventures of Bill Striker, Sexual Frontiersman: "In the Lair of the Dungeon Mistresses..."

#21 – pecking order more like holodecking order amirite


Easing into the actually-commencing-with-the-roleplaying phase of this whole thing (and it only took twenty strips to get there! When that’s the core premise! Concision, that’s what I’m into…) and I think it’s inevitable that some of these next strips will be RPG basics disguised as Star Trek jokes more than they’re Star Trek jokes disguised […]