And you should see what they can do with those antennae.

#3 – First Officer’s log: I never thought it’d happen to me, but…


If you suggested that I’m really only doing this whole thing for the Riker sex jokes, I would have a hard time arguing. I’m maybe wasting material for a future comic in talking about this, but it’s not difficult to watch some Riker-centric scenes in TNG and come to the conclusion that his face is […]

O holy knife / thy blade is brightly SHIIIIIIIIIning

#20 – Secular Winter Holiday Extravaganza


Worf is really into (a) Klingon opera and (b) Christmas carols; he wrote his Starfleet thesis, “Sleighing Song, Slaying Song”, on the formal and thematic similarities and contrasts between the two traditional musical corpora. For example: it turns out that Good King Wenceslas, save for a couple of batleth fights and some ritual mating, essentially […]