Fella, you were dead the minute you fired at that holo-emitter.

#1 – You were dead the minute you fired on womans viagra that holo-emitter.

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I feel like I should note here that (a) the Aquans really are an alien race in the Star Trek universe and http://skunkgal.com/price-of-cialis (b) they are in fact fish people, and (c) they only ever appeared in one episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series, and (d) that apparently qualifies as series canon, and (e) I only know any of this because I looked it up on Memory Alpha when I needed some aliens for Picard to blow up.

I like Star Trek a lot — I have watched more of it than the average person, that much is safe to say — but I’m not an encyclopedic superfan, so it’s handy that there is an actual encyclopedia maintained by actual superfans.  Because I’m gonna be leaning on that thing a lot.