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#118 – Into each pit some officers must fall | LARP Trek

#118 – Into each pit some officers must fall

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I feel like Data doesn’t appreciate the gravitas of the situation.

(Ha, “gravitas”!)

Looks like we’re about to wrap up Move Along Home here, then. It’ll be weird having to start thinking about what to do with episodes again; I’ve been in the same sort of groove with this one as I was with the pilot, even if I managed to keep it to less than forty strips, and now I’ll have to get back to thinking about quick takes on less mechanically relevant plots. But maybe any of the other characters will get to do anything again! That’ll be nice. They’re probably kind of bored at this point.

In unrelated Star Trek news, I went to see Trek in the Park yesterday, for one of their last shows ever (they’ve got two more next weekend, and then that’s it for their five-year mission), and it was wonderful as usual. This year they’ve been staging The Trouble with Tribbles, an episode obviously near to my heart, and it was a whole lot of fun despite the miserable baking hot summer sun we had to camp out in ahead of time to be within earshot of the stage.

I took a bunch of photos, if you want to see what a couple thousand people in a park watching people do a theatrical LARP of Trek looks like. Check ’em out!

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