#122 – Not to be confused with Michael Dorn

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Posting this disturbingly early! I’ve been happy to be pretty solid with the M-W-F schedule (which I should probably put up somewhere in the header, I suppose!), but for the last several months at least these have mostly been going up in my late morning, on one side or the other of the ten o’clock hour. But then I’m on the US west coast so that means early afternoon for a lot of folks.

So, yes! I’m trying to get a little ahead of the game again — strip was actually basically done and pasted up last night instead of me starting from scratch in the morning as I so often do — so, maybe this whole “it’s still morning for everyone” thing will take? We’ll see! Bet no money on it! But I’m gonna make the effort at least.

Anyway, today a little bit of Vortex, because I sat and rewatched it with the wife the other night and we had a couple ideas. Probably a couple more strips in this one at least, though maybe not much more than that either because all in all it’s a little bit of a stinker of an actual story and as Odo’s Origins go there’s better stuff later in the series.

But at least Wes (I swear to god I typed his name as “Jake” at first) is catching on to the obvious problematic overpowered nature of his character. We’ll see how that goes on Friday; you’d think Geordi’d need to do a little damage control to not make every single scene Odo is in involve Odo turning into something. For the show, that’d be a lot of CGI; for the game, that’s just a lot of one-note gameplay. Problematic in either context.

Also there are few things I enjoy more than writing a convoluted, half-baked insult for Wesley Crusher to shout at a crew member. One of these days I’d love to hear Wil do line readings on some of this nonsense.