#125 – Labor Day hangover

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This would have been much cleverer timing on Monday, but on Monday I had no idea Miles was going to try and go on strike and so, hey, what do you do.

Nominally we’re sticking our toes into the slightly ploteriffic waters of Battle Lines (and every time I see that title I get Battle Scars stuck in my head, welcome to the club!) but I guess we might need to let some players air some grievances first.

Which, it’s a problem, right? If I run with what happens on DS9, there’s this natural tendency to disproportionately feature the core cast, and trying to take glancing “let’s just address the biggest plot/character bits” approaches to a lot of these episodes only exacerbates that.

Basically the writers of DS9 owe me an apology for not making the equal distribution of character episodes and events their number one priority for the sake of my future parodic comic work. Jerks.

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