#127 – never forget the replicator riots of 2283

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Confession of laziness: it occurred to me that Earth/Starfleet could plausibly be a culture that had lost any sort of contemporary touch with the concept of organized labor, what with the whole post-scarcity thing making the concept of traditional labor disputes basically totally immaterial. It’s a bit sloppy to not make sure people would even know what a strike is, yeah? I considered having someone be like “you’re doing a what? Like, a tactical strike?”, just on the basis that maybe that’d be defensible.

But not being lazy would mean searching several hundred episode scripts for possible references to strikes, unions, etc, and that sounded like a lot of work. And besides, I’m betting I wouldn’t come up empty, because:

It’s Star Trek. It’s a world built on morality plays and direct allusions to contemporary and historical social/cultural/political events and conflicts. The chances that in even the first three seasons of TNG they wouldn’t have had some sort of episode where the worker class on some outpost Federation world or alien colony was in conflict with the owners of the means of production or whatever seem pretty slim. Star Trek will always find a way to shoehorn a familiar social dilemma into a future setting, even if it means contriving a future space situation that’s a little too conveniently similar to something in Earth history.

So I went for the media studies jargon aside instead, because, okay.