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#131 – Hippocratic Oaf | LARP Trek

#131 – Hippocratic Oaf

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I’m enjoying letting Riker be a pain in the ass about this, because why not? I don’t even think he doesn’t know that it’s a little unreasonable for Bashir to be so monomaniacal about this Opaka’s-a-baddy thoery — I’m sure he’s self-aware enough to get that everyone thinks its silly — but I think Riker’s the kind of guy who likes to play the long odds, likes to reach, likes the idea of pulling off the underdog move more than he likes a safe, mild return on his investments.

What if Opaka really did pull a heel turn? What if it was all some conspiracy by Bajoran muckymucks to undermine or subvert the Federation presence near Bajor? What if the leader of Bajoran spiritual society — arguably the single most influential person on the planet — was plotting not in the interests of Bajoran/Federation cooperation and peace but rather for their own dark purposes? Corrupted by greed and avarice and hidden influences, misled by hubris and dogma?

Some of this may sound familiar, basically.

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