#135 – Ceilings vs. holy women: a comparison

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I may be diverging slightly from the attested plot of the original episode here, but (a) Riker’s clearly hung up on this Opaka sitaution, and we gotta like acknowledge that and shit, but, yes, and, so (b) I think there are some interesting questions that got left on the floor in this episode anyway. So, some dalliances. I intend to dally.

But also that Kira thing was for real kind of a, huh, really? moment for me watching the episode. She just straight up decides to bring the ceiling down. Not to say that she shouldn’t have in-character decided to do it or that it wasn’t even tactically defensible in some terms, but, man: let’s COLLAPSE THE CEILING OF THE CAVE WE’RE IN WITHOUT WARNING is a little bit hardcore. It’s a heck of a play.

I’m thinking it could be a sort of PTSD processing exercise for her after that mess in the Chula game. Maybe fake-her should talk to real-Troi about it some time.

Sorry for the super late post today; it was merely going to be late-ish but as noted in a post earlier I was having some webhost disk issues. They seem to be resolved now! Okay.