#138 – Let’s Get Physiological, Physiological

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I seriously had no idea that this was where this was going when I started down this road a few weeks ago. WRITING IS AN ADVENTURE.

But, yeah, this episode’s premise raises a lot of questions about the scientific thingy at the heart of it that never get answered, which is par for the course with Star Trek but it’s always awful conspicuous when the thing they’re not bothering to explain or dedicate even any serious attention to is something like IMMORTALITY NANITES or whatever.

Like, it’s a miracle! But there’s a problem that means we can’t immediately capitalize on that miracle. I know! Let’s just go on with our lives and not dedicate a massive scientific effort into mitigating the problem, it’s not like that would be worth it for DESTROYING DEATH.

But then there’s problems on the flipside too, here, like, how exactly does this shit operate that people just magically heal up, apparently even of arbitrary species, in a way that makes them not age, not die, but also not suffer all kinds of horrific side effects due to the apparent onset of total biological stasis? Can you still form memories if bugs in your brain are constantly trying to keep things in shape? Does your hair grow? Your fingernails? Can you get pregnant? Can you ever give birth if you arrived pregnant? Would a nearly-due baby end up developing mentally somewhat during its eternity in the womb? Do you need to ever eat?

Are these people basically zombies in every meaningful sense other than the moaning and the grey skin makeup?

If you wanted to take out your immortal enemies, wouldn’t you maybe just try to capture them one or two at a time and dismember their eternal bodies and store the limbs in secure places so that, immortal or not, they’d be out of the picture? How shitty are these folks at eternal warring that they seem to still be at some stalemate however many generations later?

Etc. I have questions, Star Trek.