#142 – Goodnight (That’s No) Moon

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I’m hoping that by giving basically the exact same amount of strip space today to an actual Deep Space Nine episode as I do to Star Wars, I can instigate some sort of fascinating, click-baiting canon fight. I’ll be rich! I believe that’s how it works, anyway.

But, maybe we’ll come back to The Storyteller a little later and give it more than a paragraph? I dunno. Pros: O’Brien and Bashir not getting along super well, O’Brien being profoundly uncomfortable. Cons: actually a pretty boring episode. Doing it justice would mean sitting through it again. Hrm. Dilemmas. The life of the artist is a hard one.

But, yes, anyway, after all that nuttiness with Opaka and Battle Lines it sort of feels like the crew could use a break for the evening, so I might write up a few little peeks into non-game life again before they jump into their third session. Maybe Riker will go on that date! Maybe the Captain will sit quietly in his quarters, reading 18th C. earth literature! Maybe Data will sit quietly in his quarters, staring unmoving and unblinking at the wall, calculating prime numbers! COULD GET PRETTY CRAZY IN HERE.