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#149 – also we could try teching the tech | LARP Trek

#149 – also we could try teching the tech

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I could seriously just write fake technobabble all day. It’s very freeing, like jazz scat improvisation or a geeky, secular version of glossolalia. Skediddly doo warp tube, dee dip dop biddle deflector baskwee dang, praise Jesus.

But, yes, this is an important thing to keep in mind: even in the 24th century, you gotta be careful about screwing around with personal projects at work.

I’d blame Reg for being a little bit of a creeper with the eavesdropping, here, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that as long as the Universal Translator is constantly magically facilitating clear communication between arbitrary pairs of interlocutors, it’s probably also throwing in a little bit of volume gain to make sure people can hear each other clearly unless specifically instructed to do otherwise in any given situation.

Downside: gross privacy breaches, constant assumption of living in what is essentially a surveillance state. Upside: no body has to say “I’m sorry, could you repeat that” anymore. Starfleet ran the numbers and that saves like five million man-hours every year, which is an important cost savings in a post-scarcity OH GOD WHO EVEN KNOWS WHY ANYTHING ON THESE SHOWS HAPPENS

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