#150 – Strip One-Fifty, Restate My Assumptions

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Larp Trek is sort of hard to explain to people who aren’t already basically the target demographic. And the thing is, I wasn’t actually specifically thinking of that as I wrote this strip up this morning, or of Geordi here as a stand-in for my own weird relationship with this project — mostly I was just connecting the dots on the vague “have Geordi accidentally disclose existence of game to Reg, have Reg invite himself to play” structure that I’d already planned in my head for this week — but boy, there it is, isn’t it.

I talk a little bit on the latest episode of The Crapshoot about how I try to manage my expectations for the reception of my creative projects mostly by keeping them low going in, and in passing how e.g. when I started Larp Trek I didn’t really expect it to have a following or to pull in a dozen or two comments on most strips and how that’s basically been a delightful surprise on top of me just exorcising this weird comedy premise for my own sake. (Plus I talk a bunch more about the creative process in general and creative anxiety and so on and so forth, if you find it interesting when I natter on here for a paragraph at a time about my artistic neuroses, it may be a good episode to give a listen.)

So, yes, anyway, this is to say that I sure do appreciate that y’all appreciate this thing. I don’t actually mind trying to explain it now and then to those who don’t so much get it, but it’s pretty neat and gratifying that there are folks who already do, and keep coming around for more.