#157 – and they’re always glad you came

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Poor Reg is a little out of his banter-y depth here. Which is basically just me dredging up memories of being a freshman in high-school hanging out with upperclassmen, if I’m honest. Just barely keeping your head above water, conversationally, while trying to process the difference between a joke and a proposition, etc. YEAH CONFUSED TEENAGE YEARS WOO.

Anyway, yes, a little bit of Reg-as-Morn. We’ll see if that goes somewhere, but it seemed like a good choice for him half-assedly dipping his toes in the water, and Morn has been a conspicuous absence so far, and there’s that wonderful little throwaway moment at the start of Progress (of which more to come) where Dax mentions a dinner offer and those wiry little hairs. So why not have it manifest in the game as Riker being sort of absurdly jealous of potential in-game competition for his character? Why not indeed.