#161 – Shoot the Houstage

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DS9 purists are agonizing right now over my failure to incorporate the thematic element of the unfinished kiln in all of this, and, well, I know that feel, bro. That whole kiln-building thing sure was a central thematic element of Progress, what with Kira’s obsession with helping the injured Mullibok finish it before then destroying it herself as a figurative play on the internal conflict she was wrestling with and blah blah blah, honestly, I didn’t really like the episode much and Mullibok should have finished the damn thing years ago, the jerk.

I sort of forgot what I was going to talk about. But I do like that Mullibok, after Kira is all “I could use a friend” and “I won’t let you [die from sadness/displacement]”, is never mentioned again on the show. I know they had a lot of irons in the fire that first season trying to set things up in terms of plot and character and so it’s hardly some big omission that they didn’t follow up on a little character arc thing, but at the same time, I dunno.

Missed opportunity? Why not have Kira’s relationship with this guy, even if only in tiny glancing five-minute snippets once a season or so, be part of our window into the state of the ongoing development of liberated Bajor as a society and a political structure and so on? It wouldn’t need to be something with a big dramatic B-plot dilemma for Mullibok to play out; if anything, it’d be better as a realistic portrait of him and Kira as now-familiar folks who keep in touch for them to have just a really blase, “how’s the new farm?” sort of catching-up conversation of Space Videophone every once in a while.

I dunno! I think that might have worked.

Also, Data sure likes shooting stuff.