#165 – The Klingons call this a “Y’anQui Swap”

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I considered going even farther with this but I figured that was probably enough to make the joke work. I always kind of wanted that bartering thing to go on at greater, sillier length. And I just didn’t have anything particularly funny to do with the actual resolution of the show, so, hey, let’s go do our own thing, yeah? Yeah.


One idea a friend of mine had that would have been a bit of a clever stroke if I’d been invested enough was to actually keep the ending of Progress mostly in place, with the acquisition of some land as the final bit of bargaining, but make it a callback to the Amazing Disappearing Mullibok, who (as mentioned a few strip writeups ago) Kira in the actual show swears she’ll look after but then we never hear from again ever on DS9, and have the land be gifted to him as compensation for the dispossession. Clever! But honestly I just don’t care enough about Mullibok to bother. Sorry, Joel. It was too beautiful to live.

I think maybe for New Years I’ll resolve to get some new screenshots for Wes and Troi.