#167: Holiday Leftovers

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I woke up this morning keenly aware that I was in no state to resume the actual game session coherently, so instead of driving myself nuts I’m gonna embrace the spirit of the holidays and figuratively loaf on the figurative couch and reheat some figurative leftover smoked turkey.

So, from my running notes on the strip: this was gonna be a throwaway joke around the end of the first session, but it didn’t end up fitting in the flow of things right and so I had to let it drop. Was too late to really go back for in any good way since Riker and Bev have ended up a bit at odds in terms of character and character-as-proxy-for-player interactions and I’ve made at least one joke as a result that contradicts the idea of this happening even aside from the silliness of this idea itself, and so blah blah blah no way to incorporate it naturally.

But, figurative smoked turkey. I labeled this #1, there might be a #2 and so on depending on where my head is next week. Hope y’all are having a good holiday-ish time of the year.