#168: More Leftovers

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Another little exchange that never made it in, back when everybody was doing character introductions and set-dressing on Deep Space Nine during the first gaming session. Dressing this up as a full-on mini-strip like this is fun but also kind of an odd exercise when the line’s lived in my brain more as just a one-off thing that would have just eaten up a few spare panels as a b-joke in a full-sized strip otherwise about something else; if I was doing a three-panel gag-a-day strip, it could have just been something like:

1. Troi: “Blah blah Dabo girls.”
2. Riker: “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”
3. Data: “Blah blah Cardassian environmental controls.”

In other news, I’d meant to mention this sooner but there’s a pretty fun little collection of strips about our favorite transporter chief drawn by Jon Adams at City Cyclops, called Chief O’Brien at Work.

The first strip (of what looks like a pretty clearly open-and-shut ten total):