#169 – An Abecedary of Larp Trek

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New years sort of slumping off to a slow start! We’ll get down to the game again on Monday; for now, here’s a quick joke of a strip from poor ol’ Worf, mostly as an excuse to post an alphabetical trip through 2013 (and a bit of 2012) in fond strip moments. And so:

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A Rhyming Abecedary of Larp Trek

A is for Aquans, shot in the first strip
B is for Barclay, our recent conscript

C’s for Cardassians, lately retired
D is for Data, who auto-rewired

E’s for Exploding, which planets will do
F’s for Ferengi, who profit pursue

G is for Geordi, whose best laid plans sink
H is for Holodeck, still on the blink

I is for Interludes (fish might appear)
J is for Julian Subatoi Bashir

K is for Keiko, whom Miles has been dating
L is for Latinum, with pressed-in gold plating

M is for Morn, who is new to the game
N is for Nerys (that’s Kira’s first name)

O’s for Opaka, whom Riker suspected
P’s for Picard, who got self-introspected

Q is for Q, at whom Sisko threw knuckles
R is for Riker’s lascivious chuckles

S is for Spouse, whom poor Sisko lamented
T is for Trill, a race Bev just invented

U is for Uniforms (Miles’ was dated)
V is for Virus, which Wes simulated

W’s for Wadi, who liked to play Chula
X is for Xenomorph (Odo will fool ya)

Y is for Yuletide, when fake songs get listed
Z is for Zek, a Grand Nagus desisted