#170 – wish in one hand, baseball in the other

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Where were we? Oh right, Wes-as-Jake just sold some stuff to Wes-as-Odo. And then the holidays happened.

So, this is sort of what occurred to me during this episode: people’s secret hopes and dreams and terrors are being manifested, and Sisko, who our introduction to at the start of the show was as aggrieved widower, never once has a glimmer of Oh Right My Wife Whom I Mourn? Instead it’s more like “I, too, will talk to this baseball player.”

I mean, I’m spitballing here, not presenting this as a solid critique of the episode or anything; for one thing, it might’ve been too many moving parts; for another, Sisko’s allowed to not be an obsessive ball of grief and there’s the “he found closure in the pilot” argument for not going back to the Jennifer well yet (and it’s clearly “yet”, since they till that ground plenty in later seasons). Just sort of struck me.

Also, Bill Striker’s JAG: Nights would probably be on five nights a week on the 24th C. equivalent of basic cable.