#178 – Never Metafiction I Didn’t Like

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Well now I’ve done it. Or, you know, the comic strip version of me. It’s weird writing myself, and writing myself being able to talk in my own voice and idiomatic style when I’m so used to trying to write these characters to the constraints of their TNG personas and at least a hazy, handwavey respect for the general tone and style of Star Trek.

It’s also really weird to “screenshot” myself. I took a bunch of photos this morning with my wife’s help so I’d have material to work with, and one thing that became very clear to me is that trying to knock out a bunch of types of dialogue reactions/expressions without it coming across as very hammy is tricky. I’d almost have been better off videotaping myself having a normal conversation with someone and then literally grabbing screenshots from that the way I do with TNG episodes, in terms of getting decent naturalistic expressions. But, heh.

Anyway, thanks for all the kind words and suggestions from the previous strip, folks. I get a little overthinky sometimes about this stuff, and every now and then I guess I just need a good vent, but I’m feeling positive about this author-insert digression and about getting back on track with the actual normal content of the strip once that’s done. I’ll try to remember not to take my arbitrarily-enforced deadline too seriously, because y’all are right: better to be happy and a little inconsistent than to get bummed out chasing down a deadline on a just-for-fun project.

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