#182 – Out of the frying pan…

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It took like six weeks for me to get around to having Lwaxana show up, but here we go. We’ll get into it properly next week. Fun fact: Majel Roddenberry is actually naked in that screenshot (I’ve got to put some actual time into getting decent Lwaxana screenshots this weekend), though I’m pretty sure Lwaxana’s got something shoulderless on in the strip continuity.

Pretty sure.

Anyway, it’s Valentines Day, so here’s a couple of poems I impulse-tweeted that you are welcome to charm the pants off the nerds in your life with:

Roses are red
And so is your shirt
Let’s make like an ensign
And writhe in the dirt

Roses are red
And we fall back.
No more!
The line must be drawn here!

I am guessing y’all can come up with some more.

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