#183 – Un, deux, Trois

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One of the tricky things about adding Lwaxana to the strip is that I don’t necessarily want to make her actually move the conversation forward productively, game-wise, because it’s kind of fun to have her just be her nosy, brash, flirty busy-body self. I could probably just write her playfully bickering with the crew for a month without getting into any DS9 stuff, if I wasn’t careful. But we got things to do, so she’ll just have to behave a little.

She’s also not exactly easy to manage screenshots for, compared to most characters. Majel’d been on TNG as Lwaxana all of six times (and DS9 three) across the whole run of the shows, which means there’s not a lot of episodes to choose from, and worse still she changes outfits between every commercial break. So getting a suffient crop of different expressions in medium close-up shot with consistent costuming and lighting is way more of a challenge than even for one of the more fashion-mobile regular cast members like Deanna or Wes or Bev. It’s workable, it’s just a lot more work.

God bless Picard and his bald fringe and Starfleet uniform. Helping a dude out.

Keen students of TNG will sense the deep, dark undercurrent in that “only daughter” line, given the revelations of the season 7 episode Dark Page; keen students of Larp Trek will remember that if it ain’t happened by mid-late season 3, the Golden Rule says it’s at best a future possibility out in probability space, so we don’t have to worry about it here beyond maybe wincing a little bit. I do kind of wish my opening exchange here would have found its way into an actual earlier episode of TNG, though, because that would have made for one brilliant nasty subtle callback once Dark Page came along.

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