#184 – Please allow me to introduce myself

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Really, having a telepath around in mixed company seems like a really bad idea for everyone except the telepath. Think how frustrating it must be to play Pictionary against her. Think how annoying it would be for the DM to want to fudge a roll for the sake of the story.

In wholly unrelated news: if you enjoy screenshot-based inter-franchise media juxtaposition humor with Futura-font captions but are in the mood for something in more of a contemporary-drama-meets-classic-sitcom vein, you may enjoy this dumb thing I did last night during a fit of mania:

Click on through there for the full FULL HOUSE of CARDS image set, there’s seven or eight total. I’d have done more of them but it turns out there are very, very few memorable lines from Full House and also I really don’t care very much because, ugh, Full House.

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