#189 – Bev knows where the laser scalpels are kept

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Actually, the real question here is: is Lwaxana’s use of “if you know what I mean” just an idle callback to similar entendres from Riker in earlier strips?

Or is it the tell that reveals the whole strip to be just another layer of narrative, being in fact orchestrated as a one man shadow puppet story by a lonely, stranded William Riker, whiling away years of accidental confinement on Nervala IV after a transporter accident?

A William Riker who would eventually write “himself” into the narrative as an accidental twin, who would resurrect his “real” self as an Other and name himself Thomas as an act of rebirth, as a desperate dualistic bid to cope with his own isolation and mortality as a forgotten casualty of the Potemkin?

A William Riker who is, in fact, the sole source of all the narrative of not just Larp Trek but of The Next Generation and beyond; and, further, the sole isolated human survivor after a plague of Borg preemptively and decisively wiped all of humanity, all of the federation, from the galaxy?

A kind of mortal, fleeting god by accident, the lonely single author of all the remaining stories of a dead race, creator in his own fragile and unknowing way, a teller of the oral history of bygone beings even if only to an audience of one, an audience of himself, the alpha and the omega in every invented dialogue, shining now but fading soon enough, soon and forever, like the cold reaching fractured light of a distant, dying star?

I mean, flip a coin.