#191 – Temporal Anomalies

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So it’s the twentieth anniversary of the airing of the finale of TNG, All Good Things…. It got me thinking about Star Trek, which always gets me thinking about Larp Trek, and I sat down and managed to chased down a couple strips’ worth of dialogue this afternoon, something I haven’t been able to get myself to do for going on two months now, and here we are.

I don’t know if this will be Larp Trek being back or not, because even after some conspicuous time off from it I don’t really know where I am with it. But at least there will be a couple of strips in the next little bit. And maybe more after that? I hope so.

It’s a weird time for me on the internet and in life: Metafilter, the site I work for and the web community I care a tremendous amount and that at least some of you know well too, is dealing with a financial crisis and it’s been a weird, busy week dealing with that. It’s a big long complicated story — here’s my boss Matt’s rundown on some of it — but it’s been a stressful thing for a long time in the run up to our public announcement Monday that things had gotten starkly bad.

Maybe that played into Larp Trek’s going idle? I don’t know. Mostly I think it was just the accumulated weight of trying to write three days a week and get a strip put together, of butting my head against a deadline nobody but me was enforcing and not enjoying the panicky feeling when the writing wouldn’t come. Not doing it for a couple months might have washed some of that out of my system, rested me up. We’ll see.

But one thing I love about my job is that it gives me the flexibility to do weird creative stuff with my time. Stuff like this. Between the weird rollercoaster bad news + catharsis thing with Metafilter, and the reminder of TNG, tonight I’m feeling at least a little more connected to what got me started on this project in the first place, and I hope that’ll add up to something.

Sorry for going dark on you guys. Sometimes it’s hard to just come out and say “it’s hard”.

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