#197 – Always With The Wet Places

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Last time I was at the beach; this time I’m at a lake. Will large bodies of water never cease meddling with Larp Trek’s update schedule?

Anyway, the computer where Larp Trek’s assets live isn’t in the same state as me right now, so time for another wrist-cramping, face-mangling pen-and-ink comic. I feel like the visual gag of Geordi putting on sunglasses would have benefitted greatly from any sort of preemptive sketching on my part to figure out the composition, but, yes: lake.

I actually kind of like that second Data, as far as these things go, but on the balance it’s not exactly clear that that first Data is actually even supposed to be Data. ADVENTURES IN LINE ART.

Anyway, probably some actual traditional Larp Trek again next week. For now I’m gonna go back to ignoring the internet and drinking beer and playing bluegrass and pretending that the water in the lake isn’t incredibly cold to try and fool other people to also jumping in.

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