#27 – When a mace flies at your face / you must shift it

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Not pictured: Picard sobbing in the corner, trying to compose himself. Best that Geordi moved things along from that previous scene, I think.

But yes, so! Odo! Wes seems like a much more fun character to have play Odo than Data did, to me, and leaves Data with something more entertaining to do than roleplay having slightly more fractured relatability than normal, so that’s all good. (More on which soon, I promise.)

The shapeshifting thing: man, there’s a lot to talk about there. I think the elephant in the room for any critical viewer of Deep Space Nine is just how unbalancing that shapeshifting power is. It’s the sort of thing that falls squarely into superpowers, narratively speaking; there is so dang much you could accomplish with the concerted application of a little doppelgangin’ that it’s hard to understand why basically every problem on the station doesn’t get solved with “and then Odo shapeshifts into an x and does y, end of episode”.

(I mean, it’s not actually hard to understand why not; the show is called Deep Space Nine, not The Times And Crimes of Constable Odo, and you can’t have an ensemble show be the same plot and resolution every episode, etc. But it’s a Superman Is An Equal Member Of The Justice League sort of problem: using the magical wand to solve problems is such an obvious approach that if you repeatedly decide to e.g. not have the shapeshifter shapeshift, or to send Aquaman instead of Superman, it can get a bit silly. So you better hope your readers/viewers/fandom are willing to run with the silly.)

But it’s the perfect thing for some excited kid to come up with. As much as Wes is likely to be a handful for Geordi, I think he’s also the best thing that could happen to the game: he’s hungry for adventure, he’s got the relentless, unselfconscious imagination that kids have, and he wants to impress all the adults around him. He wants to Do The Awesome Thing, which, hell yes, kiddo. Doing the awesome thing is an awesome thing to do. Stare that whatever-that-alien-guy-in-the-DS9-pilot-was’ mace down. Shapeshift it. Shapeshift it good.