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#35 – Women do a lot of things, Wes. | LARP Trek

#35 – Women do a lot of things, Wes.

21 Comments on #35 – Women do a lot of things, Wes.

Hey, it’s been a while since we had the whole cast in one strip! Everybody but Worf, of course; he’s practicing some Klingon opera in his room, being extra loud because he secretly hopes someone will notice and check in on him because he’s kind of upset that everybody’s playing the game and too busy to hang out.

But yeah, I felt like they were maybe getting restless with this whole vision quest sequence. Geordi better wrap this up before Picard starts into some protracted exegesis on e.g. the structural themes of 19th C. military novels in an attempt to really impress his fake dead wife.

Also, you have to give Riker credit: he may be a straight-up hound dog, but this dog hunts. He’s a model dirty-Kirk analogue, really; he’s got that whole wild stallion eros thing going on but he’s a smart guy, attentive, tuned into the details. Boldly going, boldly coming, etc. Well-honed erotic situational awareness, like a ninja.

He’s the Chunk Norris of having sexy times in space.

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