#40 – The Dukat is out of the bag

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Hey, it’s Dukat! He’s totally a guy who is in this game now. Will he remain an NPC property of Geordi? Will someone else pick up the reins? I honestly have no idea yet! I’d say it’d be good for Geordi to stick with him because he could use the practice interacting (even clumsily/icily) with Kira, but then I remember that Kira is actually Data and I’m not sure that someone who needs to get used to talking to girls is gonna get a lot of mileage out of being yelled at by an andromorphic robot in brain-drag.

And I get a feeling that Picard is gonna be man-crushing on Dukat a little bit in any case. Imposing? Leadership skills? Is drily sarcastic in a tete-a-tete? Finally, a worthy frenemy!

In totally unrelated dumb-humor-stuff-I-make news, here’s The Autocorrected Bible to help kick off your weekend.