#45 – Next, we shoot at the replicators until they can make rainbows.

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Seriously, this scene from the pilot. Miles just kicks the damn thing. That’s the actual thing that happens: the transporter is confusing, so he kicks it, and then it works.

Which, look, I am willing to go out on a limb and support the idea that the station is in disarray and the equipment is all in not great shape thanks to the Cardassian evac, so maybe there was a loose connector under there? A feed off an EPS conduit, whatever the hell those things are? So maybe a rough shock and a millimeter of resulting nudging put into place a cord or a plug or a chip or something that needed reseating. I will go there; I will wave that hand for you, show.

But it’s still cartoonish. It’s like, “okay, we’re doing a little set piece about a heist here, lots of moving parts and multiple players, what we need is…slapstick? Yeah, let’s do some slapstick.”

It’s a bit weird, tonally, is all.

Also, I’m really making an assumption with that aboot joke, that Canadian regional dialectal quirks in English would (a) still exist as such four centuries in the future and (b) would survive exposure to the magical goddam Universal Translator and (c) that people would still meaningfully recognize it when they’ve been exposed to a whole quadrant full of weird alien linguistic phenomenon. And also, yes, (d) it’s really more like “a boat” in any case but shut up.

But maybe O’Brien, as a (however gently) lilting Irishman, is more aware than the average human of accents and perceptions thereof. Maybe in the future, being Irish has gone back to being one of the crappier class determiners in Future Western society? Hmm.

Also I have no earthly idea whether O’Brien had ever been to Canada by season three of Next Generation. That’s called artistic license. I am an artist. I was done working on the strip when that issue occurred to me, so I blew it off.

With art.

If somebody wants to investigate Torontogate and report back, that’d be keen. Maybe there’s a memory-alpha.ca?

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