#47 – Lookin’ for orbs in all the wrong places

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I realize the actual Quark-centric episodes we got out of Deep Space Nine weren’t really a good selling point for this notion, but I’d have loved to see an actual show built out around Quark’s bar. Armin Shimerman is amaaaaazing, the character has a ton of promise, and a series about an ostensibly ruthless, morally-conflicted businessman-slash-criminal trying to keep his head above water and his eyes on the prize in a nasty corner of space would just kill me, especially if you give his supporting cast some more depth and oomph that we usually got from e.g. Rom and Leeta.

On the flip side fo that, someone’s made a billion jokes about Quark’s-as-Cheers already, right? At least the crowd shouting “Morn!” and Rom saying “how’s the world treatin’ yeah, Mister Mornerson?” Right? Part of me wants to go one at length here but I’m pretty sure I’m late to this party.

In any case, Picard’s opera selection here is a joke, obviously, since from personal experience I can vouch that the only music you put on a game is (a) Holst’s “The Planets”, (b) the pre-Jackson Lord of the Rings work of Ralph Bakshi, or (c) Rammstein.