#51 – Nothing’s certain but death and Daxes.

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Bev might just be on to something with that character sketch, is what I’m thinking.

And a quick hello to the pile of people from reddit who appear to have noticed or re-noticed Larp Trek this morning. You are here!

No strip-specific thoughts at the moment, but I would like to say a little something about tribbles, because I’ve had tribbles on the brain the last couple days for odd reasons. In fact, I should probably do this in the other order, so, reasons first, thoughts second.

Reasons: because I spent Monday recording a Taylor Swift parody called “I Knew You Were Tribbles (When You Dropped In)” and then constructing a music video for it out of footage from The Trouble With Tribbles. Which is the sort of thing that could probably be pretty terrible but I think it came out rather nicely, actually:

But, so, yes, then: tribbles! Rewatching that episode got me thinking about what the hell their deal is. And someone on Metafilter yesterday suggested that, well, their deal is that they’re racist against Klingons, hence screaming when they come near one.

But that seems a little unfair, to me; if nothing else, I think it’s reasonable to suggest that tribbles seem to be pretty darned low on the intelligence scale, basically just eating-and-breeding machines that purr like cats but aren’t nearly as cognizant or mobile. They’re fuzzy lumps of not much, mammalian chia pets, not capable of racism per se any more than a goldfish is capable of literary snobbery.

What I think is that the tribbles are the product of a genetic engineering arms race. Their makers certainly had a problem with Klingons, and in fact created the tribbles as a sort of passive detection system in direct response to the Klingons developing a method for reliably producing Klingons who don’t look like Klingons but rather like humans with sassy facial hair. Klingons go under the radar, tribbles ferret them out with their tiny little screams. Et voila.

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