#53 – Joss Whedon no longer has monopoly on space westerns

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I feel like someone with time on their hands should do a couple things:

1. Systematically analyze episodes of Star Trek for brilliant, insightful solutions to crises and tech snafus and so on that never, ever get used again in other episodes for some reason.

2. Do a statistical analysis of the distribution of such events to test my theory that they occur overwhelmingly near the start and end of television seasons.

Aside from which, a couple things always bothered me about the “move the whole station” bit: it’s still an unarmed hunk of metal sitting in space, so DS9 being near the wormhole seems like about as much of a deterrent as DS9 not being anywhere near the wormhole, and the presence or not of actual Federation (or Bajoran, if they could really spare any) armed forces seem like it’s the more important issue anyway.

And is this wormhole in Bajoran space or not? If it is, that should sort of settle the question jurisdictionally, I would think; if not, why would “but we flew a space station here” really be a rock-solid gambit?

And! This is a minor thing maybe and possibly there’s a nice solid answer somewhere already but I’m feeling kind of belligerent this morning so I refuse to google, but is the position DS9 takes up near the wormhole actually like a stable orbital point like a Lagrange point or something, or is it just constantly having to run thrusters to fight off gravitational decay into the Bajoran sun or the wormhole? And wouldn’t the wormhole generate like seeeerious gravitational effects when it’s open? Does the station have to consistently fire thrusters during wormhole events to not get knocked out of position or even sucked in?


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