#60 – Performance-enhancing Hugs

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That was a close one! I kind of thought the Cardassians were actually going to blow up the space station in the pilot episode of the show about the space station.

I’m actually in a tricky headspace at the moment: I’m looking forward to moving on from the pilot episode to something a little more free-form and less glacially plotted than another 40-strip, three-month-long recap of a single episode, but at the same time I’ve been taking precisely that approach for, well, three months now, and the strip’s conventions and my writing voice have been gelling specifically in that context. So I’m a bit nervous about shaking things up. It’s hard leaving the nest! I’ll have to adjust a bit. But that’s okay: boldly going, and all that.

And I’m not nervous for lack of ideas, is the good thing. I got lots of those. We’ll just see how they play out in practice. As much as anything I think I’m just unnecessarily anxious about smooth transitions, because the strip has been flowing very scene-to-scene during this whole Emissary retelling but it doesn’t need to and there’s lots of little one-off jokes I’d like to make that I’ve been mostly putting off. Maybe we’ll check in with Worf? Maybe a glance into Counselor Troi’s personal notebook, complete with doodles? Maybe a visit with Bill Striker, Erotic Frontiersman? Ideas, ideas, ideas. It should be fun.

But we’ve got at least another strip or two to put the final touches on the actual pilot, in any case, and then maybe the crew can talk with Geordi about how this whole first adventure went, etc.

Also, I swear to god, it’s a joke for the sake of the strip but at the same time I kind of do feel like Wesley Crusher actually needed a lot more hugs.